Friday, July 14, 2006

Peacock 3

My husband and I have had several tense discussions over the last few days about this tattoo. Bottom line-he thinks tattoos are disgusting. I made all the arguments about why want a tattoo, and why I decided on a peacock. I like things that are positive and beautiful and empowering. I connected with the ideas a peacock is supposed to stand for-infinity or immortality, confidence and beauty, being egotistic or vain, prideful. (Not that I'm vain. At least I hope I'm not!) I think art is what separates us from the animals. Our creativity and our search for self expression and individuality is what makes us special. (I didn't make that up, I read it somewhere else).

His argument was that people will look at me and think I'm white trash. He also felt I was seeking an emotional response or cure through artwork-that if I have the need to feel more powerful, etc. these needs, and the solutions, come from within. He felt that I am seeking an outward solution that has a permanent consequence.

In part his arguments have merit. I agree that emotional needs and solutions come from within, but that there is nothing wrong with an external reminder. I asked him to think hard about what was at the root of his disgust. I went on to say that I hoped he could embrace things that make me happy, not belittle me because of them. He suggested I get something smaller. I declined. Something smaller would not have satisfied me. I already had my heart set on something large, and I didn't believe that it was the size of the piece bothering him. I invited him to come with me. Ultimately he accepted that I was getting a tattoo, but was upset at my failure to comprise.

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