Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Peacock 5

The day finally came. Sweet Cicely lives and works in San Francisco, but came down the weekend of July 14 for the Body Arts Expo in Pomona. It was an interesting atmosphere to get my first tattoo. The roar of the crowd served as white noise and was actually rather soothing. People stopped by periodically to ask Cicely questions about her work or make comments (all good!) about how the peacock was progressing. It was great to chat and people watch. The outline took about 2.5 hours. It felt less like a needle and more like a gentle grinding below the skin. It was at times almost pleasant. What can I say? I like a little pain. It got a little intense on either side of my spine. When she got to the part on my derriere, my nerves starting acting up and my legs kept twitching. It happened whenver she removed the needle, thank goodness. With about 15 minutes of work left to do, I began to get lightheaded and had to take a break. At least I didn't hurl. I drank some water, ate a few grapes and then we finished the outline. The photo was taken right before we started.

It's been about 9 days and it's done peeling. I am ecstatic. It's gorgeous. I love the way it fits on my body. Now I have to call Sweet Cicely and make arrangements to start the color. She expects it to take about 2-3 visits. I'm going to start looking for cheap fares to San Francisco.

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