Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two blocks in Santa Monica

2nd and Santa Monica. Freshly laid asphalt. Reminds me of something. I can't quite place it. Something happy. Maybe recess and jumprope at recess in elementary school. No I don't think that's it. But it still smells wonderful.

2nd between Santa Monica and Arizona. Just a hint of popcorn from the Laemmle theatre. Not stale or burnt. Fresh and buttery and yummy. Now it's gone.

2nd and Arizona. Strawberries. And herbs. And other green growing things. The Wednesday Farmer's Market.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nike Run Hit Remix

Yesterday I ran the 5-mile Nike Run Hit Remix. There's nothing like seeing 14,000 people all in the same shirt running down the streets of downtown LA. Luckily I passed Young MC (Bust a Move), Vanilla Ice (Ice, Ice Baby) and Digital Underground (the Humpty Dance) just as they were playing their signature songs. It was so much fun. I passed Coolio between songs. It would have been fun to hear Fantastic Voyage.

What a great experience. It was a beautiful day. The course started at the Colisseum went down Figueroa past the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, then down USC Fraternity/Sorority row, then through the tunnel (wheeeeee) into the Colisseum. The Fraternity/Sorority boys and girls were out front cheering, hollering and offering hits on a beer bong. I hammed it up for the event photographer, but he missed it and took a sucky photo. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

End of Summer

I went for a run at lunch last week. The air smelled of freshly cut grass and sweet allysium. It smelled like Summer. Freshly cut grass, sweet allysium, juniper heated by the sun. Mmmm. But it made me realize that Summer is coming to an end. School started yesterday and with it the extra 15 minutes of commute time due to the extra cars on the road. Only seven more weeks of daylight savings time left. I vow to not squander it.