Monday, September 25, 2006

Nike Run Hit Remix

Yesterday I ran the 5-mile Nike Run Hit Remix. There's nothing like seeing 14,000 people all in the same shirt running down the streets of downtown LA. Luckily I passed Young MC (Bust a Move), Vanilla Ice (Ice, Ice Baby) and Digital Underground (the Humpty Dance) just as they were playing their signature songs. It was so much fun. I passed Coolio between songs. It would have been fun to hear Fantastic Voyage.

What a great experience. It was a beautiful day. The course started at the Colisseum went down Figueroa past the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, then down USC Fraternity/Sorority row, then through the tunnel (wheeeeee) into the Colisseum. The Fraternity/Sorority boys and girls were out front cheering, hollering and offering hits on a beer bong. I hammed it up for the event photographer, but he missed it and took a sucky photo. Oh well.

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