Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Peacock 4

On July 13, Sweet Cicely sent the draft. I am very happy with it, but had a few questions for her. They were:

1) Does the tail need to curve in a way that covers the feet? I love bird feet. It sounds weird, but I think their feet is the one area that shows they evolved from dinosaurs. Dinofeet. If you think it will make it look awkward to move the tail, let me know.

2) It doesn't quite have the art nouveau quality I was hoping for, but I love the style so I don't want to change it. But I was thinking we could add, either now or later, an art nouveau border - something to anchor it and give it more the feeling of a stained glass window. The border would be the window frame. What do you think? Do you think it will make it to busy? If you think it's too much to do now, that's cool, but I want to make sure the size is right so there is room to add the border later.

She responded right away. She added the feet and I am very happy now. We decided to discuss the border later.

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