Thursday, January 07, 2010

Home Improvement

Projects for the weekend: paint the loft, hang the art that has been unhung since we moved in two years ago, fix the rotten patch on the column on the front porch.

Status: Done, done, and uh oh.

I never think to take before photos until mid project, so I don't have any before shots of the loft. I can tell you it was the same, boring builder's special, off white/light beige color the entire house was painted with, probably when it was built in 1993. The previous owners must not have liked color very much.

Here it is in progress. The perfect shade of dove grey. Ahhhh.

Here's Roni sitting on the second step on the other side of the barricade, wearing her red and yellow "cozy" as Corey calls it. She tends to swipe her tail in wet paint and "help" paint other things, like furniture and pant legs. So the loft was off-limits for a day.

I'll post the final photos soon. I am still missing a coffee table and curtains. There is the perfect fabric at Ikea to tie everything together (third one down). Maybe they'lll have the right coffee table too.

Here's how the column looked when I started. I started to scrape away the dead wood. The putty knife sunk in like it was butter. Stay tuned for what it looked like when all the dead wood was gone.

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