Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sari update

I've decided that I was too hard on myself in the last post. I felt like such a complainer.

I have been walking around today in my new top, admiring the beautifully bound armholes each time I glance at my shoulders. They really do look nice. My edge binding skills have improved tremendously. Also the top is really comfortable and I've received several compliments (to which I just can't help blurting out "Thanks, I made it!"). And to be frank, it's shiny...and sparkly. A girl can never be too sparkly. ;)

So overall, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I was caught up in the problems with the top and overlooked the good things. I am my own worst critic after all. But today I'm giving myself a break. Go me!


Karin said...

Go you! :-) But it's understandable, ofcourse, that you see every little thing that didn't work out the way you hoped/wanted/expected when you make garments yourself. I really recognize it. It can be very good to take a step back, or listen to what others say about it, to see things in perspective again :-)

Karin said...
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