Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello there. It's been awhile.

My supercrafty friend Molly has convinced me to start blogging about my own crafty endeavors. I have started sewing. My dad bought me a sewing machine sometime around my graduation from high school. It has been collecting dust for about 18 years, but now that I have moved to Austin and have my own craft room,

it is finally getting some use. I just bought the painting sitting on my desk. I have been in love with it for over a year. When bonus time came at work, I finally had the money to buy it. It's by Bailey Saliwanchik.

The watercolors on the window sill behind my sewing machine are prints of the French Riveria I bought on my honeymoon. I love how they look like stained glass windows with the morning light shining through.

I took the Sewing 101 class at Craft-O-Rama back in April or May. We made a cute reversible bag. I'll post a photo soon. Since then I haven't stopped.

Next I made this pillow for the living room. You can see that Roni has been here.

Then I made a whole slew of pillows for the family room.

Corey and I had the walls painted blue. We thought that yellow would be a good accent color for the blue walls and green couch. Now we think the room is too dark. I think we are going to end up changing the wall color. We'll see what else changes.

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