Monday, June 05, 2006


The time is getting close. On July 14th I will begin my peacock back piece. I have been trying to pinpoint the time I decided I wanted a large tattoo on my back. I have always thought tattoos to be incredibly sexy - well, the right tattoo on the right person anyway. I was never vehemently opposed to getting one. I just didn't know what I would want on me for the rest of my life. I think I decided the peacock when I saw a tattoo program on television. A&E maybe? One woman had a large beautiful bird on her back. I saw it and knew I wanted something similar. I have loved birds ever since my Maxwell, my Senegal parrot came into my life. Now that he's gone, this will be a way to remember him. Although he certainly wasn't a peacock and he is only part of the reason I decided on this. I like the symbolism of the peacock. I'll get into that another time. It's also beautiful. It will be like a piece of jewelry on my back - an art nouveau, stained glass peacock.
I have sent all my inpiration ideas to Sweet Cicely Daniher of Cyclops tattoo. She does the most beautiful color work! I met her at at the Ink Slinger's convention in April. I had decided on the piece I wanted a few months back, and was searching for the perfect artist. She seemed to know exactly what I was looking for before it left my mouth. She has my insiration pieces. She has a tracing of my back. Now I am waiting to see the draft of the design. I am so excited! Stay tuned.

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