Thursday, October 21, 2010

My morning

Wonder why am I so tired (I went to bed at 7). Decide I need to take my B-12 shot. I don’t have any clean syringes. I’ll use an old one that I put in Corey’s diabetic biohazard bin. Get syringe. Put on clean needle. Draw vitamin from vial. Stick into arm. Needle unknowingly slides out of arm fat. Inject contents which then spray all over shirt and bathroom. Stick dirty needle back into vial. Draw more vitamin. Attempt to stick into other arm. Push needle. Won’t go in. Push needle. Won’t go in. Push needle harder. Goes too far (into muscle). Ouch! Pull back out a little. Inject contents. Clean up mess and hope my shirt isn’t stained by the fluorescent pink B-12 liquid. Look guiltily at dog because now there is no time for a walk. Hope that I haven’t contaminated by B-12. Go to work.

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