Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Ugly Chair Gets a Makeover

In August, my friend Dawn and I took an upholstery class at the fabulous Spruce Upholstery here in Austin. It was a two-day class. We had a great time! Above is the ugly chair I bought on Craig's List for $15. Below is it in process. Scroll down to see the finished product.


Much, much better. It looks like more than $15 now. It's upholstered with Robert Allen's Sperling fabric in Noir. I love the little green details.

I am going to make a green pillow to go on it. I've decided to attempt to do its mate myself at home. Here is how it looks so far. I've been pulling out staples while watching the tube (even though I swore to myself I was going to give up all TV except True Blood.)

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